Current Rates - PLATINUM Plan: 12.99% APR for 6 months, 14.99% APR for 12 months, GOLD Plan: 1.18%-1.46% factor rate from 6-18 months, SILVER+ Plan: 1.18%-1.46% factor rate from 6-18 months, SILVER Plan: 1.20%-1.46% factor rate from 6-24 months, BRONZE Plan: 1.38%-1.50% factor rate from 6-14 months.

Smart money for small business

Merchant solutions and services


Decisions Focus On three elements:

  • Type of Business

  • Time in Business

  • Gross Revenues


Because there's more to your business than a credit score.

Because, Credit scores is not one of the main elements on our Underwriting decisions.


  • We will offer you 4 or more APPROVED offers to you in 2 business days

  • Funding in 5 business days.

  • The quickest in the Industry

True Small Business Loans

  • $10,000 to $250,000
  • 4 to 18 month terms
  • Fully Automated Process
  • Funding In as Few as 5 Days
  • Receive up to $250,000 per location
  • One year in Business and at least $150,000 yearly Sales.
  • Damaged Credit History of the Business Owner is Not an Automatic Disqualifier for the business
  • Open New Locations
  • Remodel or Renovate Existing Locations
  • Purchase Equipment and Inventory
  • Start Advertising Programs
  • Pay Taxes
  • Handle Payroll

Getting a business loan is now easier than ever

Cash flow is vital to every business. Business loans are used in many industries to create new streams of cash flow, or to help keep a business competitive and thriving. That’s why we've made it even easier for our customers to get the business loans they need – when they need it. It’s Smart Money for Small Business.

Money Man 4 Business, is about to change the way you think about your business loan options.

We care about the future of small business Loan.

MoneyMan 4 Business listened to the needs of small business owners. We developed a revolutionary business loan that keeps its focus on the best interests of the business, helping strong businesses get stronger. There are many immediate differences you'll see between other loans and a Money Man 4 Business Loan:

  • An automatic ACH payment made on every business day makes the payback process effortless. Small, easy-to-handle amounts mean there are not larger, single monthly payments to worry about. You know exactly what to expect, every step of the way.
  • A damaged credit history of the business owner is not an automatic disqualifier for the business. Money Man 4 Business is able to take a more holistic approach toward loan qualification, and an individual's personal credit history will carry less weight with Money Man 4 Business than it does with other business loan options. Using business-focused underwriting, Money Man 4 Business can often approve small businesses that "old logic" lenders usually decline.


  • Applications are reviewed in hours, not weeks. Many small business strategies are timely, requiring an ability to secure the money needed to act fast. Money Man 4 Business understands the value of being able to quickly get the working capital your business needs for stability, growth, and handling emergencies, and our process can get a loan for you business in as few as 72 hours.

Just think of how nice it would be to have a business loan in-hand in just a couple days – a business loan you can spend on whatever your business needs. Take advantage of new business opportunities, manage unexpected expenses, and really start taking your business to a whole new level.

Money for business loans


Business owners always face the risk of uncertainty. In a situation when the business might not be doing well, it makes it very difficult to get credit from a reliable source. Credit business loans from providers like us come to their rescue. It is difficult to get credit from a bank or a financial institution as your credit status will raise questions whether you would able to pay back the loan. It often happens that merchants when faced with a monetary crunch are not able to get business loans from banks as they do not have the credit worthiness or any guarantee that can help them avail the loans from banks or other financial institutions, We, a reputed business loan provider, help you sail through bad times and provide you easy loans credit loans for businesses provide instant cash to businesses after they meet certain requirements. In such a scenario you can trust on us. We provide loan programs for medium business to help merchants handle their expenses in an easy way.

Moneyman4business, is a leading business loan provider which offers true small business loans with fixed terms. Now you can get business loans without any collateral deposit. It’s often that small merchants find it difficult to get true business loans to face the challenges posed by an uncertain market behaviour. They need immediate cash to overcome such situations and stay in the business. Merchant solutions and services in the form of credit business loans are offered to merchants in financial distress.

Today, online business loans with fixed terms are being provided. Getting a business loan is now easier for merchants who are facing monetary crunches. There are no lengthy approval process and they have low approval rates and moreover no security guarantees are required. Our cash advances have a higher approval rate and no minimum credit requirements is one of the features of our loans. There are flexible repayment plans and thus merchants face no problem while repayment. Our business loans are a simple solution to cash flow problems that might prove to be a hindrance in smooth functioning of the business. Being a business owner is tough and uncertain economic times can confront an entrepreneur. In such trying times, it becomes even difficult for merchants to even to manage cash flows on a daily basis. In such a scenario, loan providers such as us come to your rescue and enable you to get money for business loans. These loans provide some flexibility to business owners that enables them to manage their cash flow in the easiest manner.
We are at your aid whenever you need us. We, are your money man for business.


To speak directly to our Chief Financial Officer JJ Guillory call Phone: 888.678.2751, Fax: 800-909-7219 at our Corporate Financial Office located at 7100 Regency Square, Suite 247 Houston, Texas 77036, or email him at

Get Started by Learning more today

Complete the quick info and ask your questions directly to our Senior Underwriter or Call Him "JJ" at direct line 888-678-2751


MM4B came along just in
the nick of time.

I needed money and the business was in a pinch. The paperwork was so quick and easy, I couldn’t believe it. Instead of days or weeks like a bank, it was only a few hours. I would recommend this to any business who is in a tight spot and needs help fast.

Weiss Fruit Market,
Randy Kawkawlin, MI.

I'm impressed with how knowledgeable and professional all the staff was.

They offered me different options for capital and funded me in 4 days. The program works well for my business and me.

Wall-E Bar & Restaurant.
Wally Chin, New York, NY

I have used MM4B since November 2008.

The company has been easy and enjoyable to work with. This type of funding is different but easy to use. We are a small company but this type of funding fits our needs well.

The Medicine Pharmacy, Amin Amireh,
Cedar Grove, NJ.

Working with MM4B is easy and painless.

Through their help, I was able to get the extra capital needed to have the best sales quarter I’ve had in four years. The extra capital allowed me to be at ease and focus on sales and profits. Thank you very much MM4B.

Maria´s New Kitchen, Al Lucero,
Santa Fe, NM.

We are so very pleased with the excellent customer service JJ Guillory has provided to our small business.

In these difficult economic times, it is nice to know that you are working with people you can trust and who have you best interest at heart. JJ fits this description well! Thanks.

Meineke Car Care, Dick Watkins,
Denver, CO.

Thanks to the MM4B
funding program.

It has proven to be my #1 source for short term funding. I started my business with bad credit, little working capital, and nothing but passion for what I do. Well, banks don’t lend on passion! Even in our fourth year of business, we found it difficult to qualify for even the smallest of bank loans. Thank you for MM4B considering me more than just a credit score and allowing me to fulfill my dream of owning my own business.

Texas Moon, Wayne Wilhite,
South Padre Isle, TX.

It has never been so easy to get money!

We filled out the application and in less than 2 weeks the money was posted in our account. The best part is, it will be paid off in less than a year! I can also track it online daily. If I have any question, I can call and talk to a person immediately. The company is great. We will use their program again!!!! Thanks so much.

Pendegrass Inc., Angie Pallof, Chaffeef, MO.

Dealing with MM4B is a sheer delight.

Their concept of cash flow management is outstanding. I highly recommend this company to any business no matter what the nature of the business is. It can make your life that much easier.

Hamlin Cleaners, Jeane Stewart,
Lafayette, CA.

MM4B got my shop funded right away.

They allowed me to purchase the diagnostic equipment my shop needed now for repair of expensive European cars. Now all repairs are done in-house and there is no need to send out to the dealers for repairs. Thanks MM4B.

Automister, Ron Alcoriza, Stockton, CA.

We were very nervous before inquiring.

Time was of the essence. It Felt good working with a reliable company. They funded me very fast, always returned phone calls and their Customer Service was excellent!

Dr. Michael Pugh,
Lexington, KY.


We were very nervous before inquiring. Time was of the essence. It Felt good working with a reliable company. They funded me very fast, always returned phone calls and their Customer Service was excellent!

Dr. Michael Pugh,
Lexington, KY.

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